About the Centre




The SAWIS Information Centre is the most comprehensive information resource base for the South African wine and brandy industry.

It is known as the first and only online information resource centre of the South African Wine Industry.

The main purpose of the Information Centre is to assist its members in achieving their goals by providing requested information and/or documents on time and at an affordable price. The Information Centre therefore selects, acquires, organizes, maintains and disseminates information relating to the wine industry with the objective of providing accurate, up-to-date, timely, complete and relevant information assistance on the optimum usage of its facilities and resources.

The Wine Industry Information Centre will:

Collect and organise information in all formats.
Facilitate access to information.
Employ state-of-the-art techniques and methods in information delivery.
Educate members to become skilled in accessing information.
Play an active and innovative role in providing information to the South African Wine industry.

This reference Information Centre provides information on site as well as via the Internet (www.sawis.co.za). Information requests can be made by mail, fax, telephone and/or email.