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BI Daily 19 June 2024
• Global alcoholic drinks sector to reach US$2.74 trillion by 2032 • European Bulk Wine Market: Weather Likely to Drive Higher Prices • EU-China Trade War Threatens $800 Million Wine Industry • Russia plans 200% retaliatory tariff on European wine imports
BI Daily 14 June 2024
• Wine and spirits contributes £76bn to UK economy • Wine Consumption Trends and Attitudes: Navigating the Generational Shift to Gen X and Millennials • Significant increase in container prices in China amid early peak season • Cargo Movement Update • Australia sends AU$86 million of wine to China in first month since tariffs axed
BI Daily 22 May 2024
• The battle between low and no • SA's liquor sector thrives despite struggling economy • What does re-entry into China mean for Australian wine producers? • How raves are getting Gen Z into wine • EU wine threatened by China’s retaliatory tariffs • A green revolution in Argentina • U.S. Wine Industry Surpasses $107 Billion In 2023 Sales, Report Reveals
BI Daily 07 May 2024
• Rethinking Risks: Decline in Alcohol Consumption • Devil's Advocate: A Rational Argument for the Half-Litre Wine Bottle • Millennials and Gen X want a wine vacation, not an education • What is the OIV and Where is it Going? John Barker, New Head of the Organisation • Frost and Hail Wreak Havoc on Europe's Vineyards • Hong Kong, NZ and the UK drive export value growth • South Africa Wine Summit
BI Daily 26 April 2024
BI Daily 23 April 2024
• Climate crisis: average world incomes to diminish by nearly a fifth by 2050 • Who is winning from the moderation trend? • Vinitaly: Italian minister calls for ‘wine’ to be removed from alcohol-free products • Ciatti Report: Better Bulk Wine Demand • Electronic tongue can detect white wine spoilage before humans can • Italy’s Export Results Are Not as Bad as Feared
BI Daily 16 April 2024
• What is Americans’ favorite wine? Survey looks into US wine habits, preferences • Innovation drives low-alcohol market growth • Bordeaux 2023 weather and crop report • Transnet counters threat to imminent port privatisation • South Africa Wine Cellar Assistants’ Programme 2024: Information days and workshops for senior cellar assistants
BI Daily 09 February 2024
• Alcohol ecommerce growth moderates, but still set to outperform overall market • Huge wishes but small expectations from SONA 2024 • Australian wine confronts export challenges • NZ maintains 25% price premium above rest of still wine category • Are the wine cellars of the future virtual?
BI Daily 16 February 2024
• Will we start to see more fine wines under screwcap? • Minimum unit price hike: impact on Scotland’s on- and off-trade • California winery launches aluminum wine bottles: ‘We’re answering the call-to-action to rethink glass bottles’ • The Discussions Australian Wine Needs to Have – An Independent and Informed Assessment of Australian Wine’s Present and Future • California 2023: More Better Wine • French wine exports take 10% nosedive
BI Daily 23 February 2024
• Seven key trends that will shape the global wine industry in 2024 • The 10 Countries That Drink the Most Wine • UK bulk wine bottlers going back to cork • New Zealand 2024 vintage could be ‘significantly down’ on last two years • Riverland grape growers ‘at breaking point’ • Excise increase a blow to the wine and brandy industry
BI Daily 25 January 2024
• Wine tourism and wine trends in 2024: A detailed outlook • Ciatti Report: Dynamics in the Bulk Wine Market • Prediction Consensus: What the Experts See Coming in 2024 • Bomb Blows Up French Wine War • Silicon Valley Bank Report: Flat Market and Overproduction
BI Daily 15 January 2024
• It’s all change for Australian wine in 2024 • Argentine wineries up in arms against 8% export duties • France No Longer Defines Global Wine Culture. Can It Adapt? • Canned wine ‘least preferred’ packaging for consumers
BI Daily 10 January 2024
• US Alcohol Industry´s Worst Year Since 1991 • ‘Disappointing’ Christmas for booze sales, Nielsen says • Netherlands Increases Alcohol Taxes • Seven Wine Trends in 2024 • Napa Valley robot ‘sommelier’ spurs debate on AI in the wine business
BI Daily 08 January 2024
• Almost half of young drinkers consume low- and no-alcohol products • WHO and the use of taxes to reduce alcohol consumption • Exclusive: U.S. Wine Market Dips 2% By Volume, But Sees First Value Increase Since 2020 • Can TikTok help future proof the wine trade?
BI Daily 22 December 2023
• ‘Miracle’ harvest in Britain yields more than 20m bottles • Ciatti Report: Slow End to the Year on the Bulk Wine Market • A Look Back at 2023 - and Best Wishes for 2024 • Not Much Cheer for Wine Sales This Holiday Season • FOCUS OIV 2023 EVOLUTION OF WORLD WINE PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION BY COLOUR