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BI Daily 30 November 2023
• South African ports: dire situation • European Commission Makes Last Minute Change to New Wine Label Regulations • Devil’s Advocate: Carbon Footprints and Taxes are Going to Change how we Drink • 8 Reasons to Get Excited About the No-Alcohol Category
BI Daily 28 November 2023
• Ice wine industry pours new life into SW China´s mountainous areas • ‘Hundreds of millions’ of wine labels to be destroyed • The major factors driving up the prices of US wine • Concern about minimum unit pricing in France • Chile abandoning vineyards as sales decline
BI Daily 24 November 2023
• Global wine trade in ‘fragile situation’ says Vinexposium CEO • Wine´s Demand and Demography Dilemma • Hunt freezes duty after intense alcohol industry lobbying • Angela Mount: How & why bulk wine is taking over the world • Angry French winemakers plan mass protest in Narbonne
BI Daily 21 November 2023
• Glass Reimagined: Towards a Carbon-Free Wine Packaging Era • Extreme weather and falling demand are pushing wineries into the red • Alcohol Duty: ‘One tax rise in a year is alarming, two is unacceptable’ • Small reduction in national inventory as global conditions set to remain challenging for wine • Q3 2023 US Wine Industry DTC Benchmark Summary
BI Daily 14 November 2023
• Wine assists sleep after drinking coffee • Italian watchdog launches wine bottle cartel investigation • How consumers are responding to sustainability • Tech aims to boost grape yield forecasting
BI Daily 06 November 2023
• UK government plans to allow alcohol-free drinks to be labelled ‘wine’ • California Scrambles to Finish Harvest • Australian growers shift grape varieties as tastes change • Global factors push Australian wine exports below long-term averages
BI Daily 30 October 2023
• South African wine country at risk from mining application • RTD alcohol catergory to hit $40bn by 2027 • Why Are So Many Wine Regions Dealing With Oversupply? • Big changes for alcohol laws in South Africa still coming – including a push to increase the drinking age
BI Daily 24 October 2023
• When is the wine industry going to wake up to itself? • French vignerons destroy Spanish wine in protest against cheap imports • A Quick German Wine Harvest with High Quality and Average Yield • Australia Breathes a Sigh of Relief as Trade Dispute With China Reviewed
BI Daily 19 October 2023
BI Daily 17 October 2023
• On-trade sales ‘may never’ return to pre-pandemic levels • The 10 most-consumed alcoholic drinks in the world • The Trading of Bulk Wine Is Falling • Exclusive: World bulk wine trends and impact on global markets • While Europe Faces a Grape Harvest Decline, France Shines
BI Daily 13 October 2023
• Consumers find buying wine ‘a stressful experience’ • Staff shortages continue to bite in the wine trade • How is Gen Z approaching beverage alcohol? • September heatwave saw wine volume sales down 9% year-on-year • New dashboard indicates inland grape price direction for next vintage • The SWR Bottle Weight Accord
BI Daily 03 October 2023
• Chinese Wine Consumption Has Fallen Dramatically Over the Last Decade. Why? • Where is the current value-for-money in wine exports? • Ukraine wine harvest 2023: Sipping resilience • Australian wine trade experiences handbrake turn in its fortunes
BI Daily 02 October 2023
• Tim James: South Africans drinking more wine • Can Wine and spirits really move away from glass? • Smallest Spanish Harvest Ever Recorded
BI Daily 21 September 2023
• European Alcohol Policy Is Coming for Wine • WHO Shifts Its Alcohol Narratives and the Wine Industry Faces New Challenges • Ciatti Report: A Painful But Necessary Rationalisation • Cost, climate, consumers: influences on changes in wine packaging • Germans Are Drinking Less Wine, Including Less German Wine
BI Daily 18 September 2023
• 50% of Millennials see drinking and dining as essential spending • How Wine Australia plans to reduce carbon emissions by 40% in six years • Global opportunities for Australian wine • Italian & Spanish wine harvests 2023: Crops to plunge to six-year lows • Italy drops below France for wine production as climate change blamed • ChatGPT Sparks Growing Interest in A.I. - Can It Help the Wine Industry?