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Subject: Propagation
Afrikaans: voortplanting
Xhosa: ukusasaza, ukwandiswa
Subject: Distillation
Afrikaans: sopie
Xhosa: itoti
Subject: Grapevine disease
Subject: Chemistry, Winemaking
Afrikaans: eiklaktoon
Xhosa: ilakhthowuni yom-oki
English - letsel selfstandige naamwoord
Onderwerp: Wingerdboukunde
'n wond, as gevolg van aanvalle deur insekte of swamme.
English: lesion
Subject: Viticulture
a wound as a result of insects or fungi attacks.
Xhosa: umonakalo
Isifanakuthi okanye isisthethanonye: inxeba