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Subject: Grapevine disease
Afrikaans: gal
Xhosa: iqhubu
Subject: Grapevine disease
Afrikaans: rugose
Xhosa: isifo somthi weediliya
Subject: Viticulture
Subject: Viticulture
English - DNA (Abbreviation)
(Full form) deoxyribonucleic acid
Subject: Biotechnology
the chemical building block that forms chromosomes and carries information to control growth and development as well as all inherited characteristics that are passed on from generation to generation.

Afrikaans: deoksiribonukleïensuur
byvoeglike naamwoord
die chemiese bousteen wat chromosome vorm en inligting dra om groei en ontwikkeling te beheer, sowel as alle oorerflike eienskappe wat van een geslag na die ander oorgedra word.

Afkorting: DNS
Xhosa: iDNA