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Subject: Packaging
Subject: Winemaking, Viticulture
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Subject: Winemaking
Afrikaans: MAP
English - mutation noun
Subject: Biotechnology
the process by which such a change occurs in a chromosome, either through an alteration in the nucleotide sequence of the DNA coding for a gene or through a change in the physical arrangement of a chromosome.
Afrikaans: mutasie
selfstandige naamwoord
Onderwerp: Biotegnologie
die proses waardeur 'n verandering in 'n chromosoom plaasvind, òf deur 'n wysiging in die nukleotied volgorde van die DNA-kodering vir 'n geen, òf deur 'n verandering in die fisiese rangskikking van 'n chromosoom.
Sinonieme: afwyking
Xhosa: ukungavakali