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BI Daily 17 October 2019
• UK rosé sales fall 2.5% year-on-year, research reveals • Moderate Wine Consumption and Type 2 Diabetes • South Africa’s generic wine marketing message is performing well • Why the world is talking about Georgian wine
BI Daily 15 October 2019
• Carlsberg unveils PAPER beer bottles made from sustainably-sourced wood which are fully recyclable • Organic rise lifts Spain´s export potential • Leading EU wine companies united to tackle challenges
BI Daily 14 October 2019
• No- and low-alcohol wine in the US • Australian wine strikes a new chord in America
BI Daily 10 October 2019
• Wine Tourism Toolkit • Unpacking SA consumers´ in-store wine selection
BI Daily 9 October 2019
• The three inventions that created the modern wine world • VinIntell September 2019 Issue 41 - New & Novel Innovation@Work in the Wine Industry
BI Daily 8 October 2019
• Americans Will Pay the Price on the New Tariffs on European Wines • Measuring Wine´s Apathy Problem • How water-wise is your diet? • Can Dry Farming Help Save California’s Vineyards?
BI Daily 3 October 2019
• US to slap tariffs of 25% on French wines • Colour and price - welcome to wine´s future as a commodity
BI Daily 1 October 2019
• African economies with greatest potential for trade growth • Economic Conditions Snapshot • Where are we with land reform? • Ghana Becomes First African Nation to Join Ambitious Partnership to End Plastic Pollution
BI Daily 30 September 2019
• China digital consumer trends in 2019 • UK vs US: How the low and no alcohol category is shaping up on each side of the Atlantic • Climate change hits Champagne harvest • Ant trail the key to bug monitoring in spring
BI Daily 27 September 2019
• Italian wine poised for big growth on Liv-Ex • Vintners Can Now Get Bottle Pictures Without Sending Their Bottle for Photography • Is it good night for bentonite?
BI Daily 26 September 2019
• Argentina’s export potential • Wine in cans: growth in retail sales but what can it mean for Australian exports
BI Daily 25 September 2019
• UK: On-trade sector confidence dips to two-year low • Gen X holds more potential in alcohol than millennials • Is wine in a can a fad or a trend we all need to take seriously? • Australia: ACCC releases final report for Winegrape Market Study • US Wine Still Seeking Respect in Europe
BI Daily 23 September 2019
• Difficulties restricting alcohol sales to minors in the Internet Age • Effects of climate change highlighted by new World Atlas of Wine • Facebook is funding brain experiments to create a device that reads your mind
BI Daily 18 September 2019
• Growth in U.S. Wine Sales Plateaus, but Opportunities Exist • Italian Wine Demand Outstripping Supply • Argentina’s export potential • New Zealand´s wine industry celebrates its 200th anniversary • The Complete Guide to Phylloxera
BI Daily 17 September 2019
• Hong Kong wine imports falter • Global 2019 Harvest Update