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BI Daily 27 March 2020
• VINPRO COVID-19 NEWS: WINE INDUSTRY MAY CONTINUE WITH HARVESTING & CELLAR ACTIVITIES • Low and no alcohol wine sector gaining traction- some key facts • Sparkling wine emerged as most mentioned wine category among industry experts • Social drinking at a time of social distancing • Premiumisation trend under threat due to Covid-19 pandemic, claims industry expert
BI Daily 26 March 2020
• SAWIS Inperking/Lockdown - Covid-19
BI Daily 17 March 2020
• Rabobank: Coronavirus Deals a Painful Blow to China´s • Wine, Recession, and Coronavirus: This Time is Different?
BI Daily 12 March 2020
• UK: Budget: Chancellor announces freeze on all alcohol duty • In the Era of Climate Change, is Old and New World Wine Obsolete? • Wine Intelligence: Global wine experts describe impact of turbulence ahead
BI Daily 10 March 2020
• COVID-19: Implications for business • Modern marketing: What it is, what it isn’t, and how to do it
BI Daily 6 March 2020
• The IWSR Announces Plans to Launch a Risk Assessment Model for the Coronavirus • US tariffs on European wines give South African exports a boost • How to Make Sense of Sustainable Wine Certifications • South African producers and buyers hit an impasse over price for 2020 vintage • Minimum unit pricing introduced in Wales to tackle country´s "harmful" relationship with alcohol
BI Daily 5 March 2020
• French Winemakers Have Too Much Inventory, So They’re Cutting Prices on US Imports • Why so many epidemics originate in Asia and Africa • USA: More wine grapes could go unsold, analysts believe
BI Daily 3 March 2020
• Premiumisation trend takes hold in Portugal • World’s largest wine blockchain trial under way in Clare Valley • Warm winter puts a freeze on German ice wine
BI Daily 26 February 2020
• China wine imports fall 11% by volume, 14% by value in 2019 • IWSR: Japan and Australia are the markets to watch for sparkling wine • 2020 Is off to a record warm start
BI Daily 24 February 2020
• Environmental Impact Assessment of Four Common Wine Barrel Cleaning Techniques • Australian wine exports to China down 90% as coronavirus takes its toll
BI Daily 21 February 2020
• Beijing: Sparkling Wine trends • Global consumption of rosé hits record high last year • Making wine for cans • Micro trend: indigenous ingredients
BI Daily 19 February 2020
• Supply chain ‘stuffed’ as US consumers see lowest wine prices for 20 years • Nielsen: Navigating the Turbulence of Tariffs • The World´s Diverging Wine Tastes • How South African wineland workers used global networks to fight for their rights • 4 Specific Challenges Of Pregnancy And New Motherhood While Working In Wine
BI Daily 14 February 2020
• Japan and Australia are the markets to watch for sparkling wine • Increasing number of South African producers operating in profit
BI Daily 13 February 2020
• How can the beverage industry bring about a sea change in sustainability? • How Global Warming Impacts the Wine Industry
BI Daily 12 February 2020
• South Africa shows the world why ethics in winemaking matter • California Grape Glut Starts to Bite