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BI Daily 21 January 2021
• Top Wine SA -- 2021 SA WINE & CELLAR CLASSIFICATIONS • Kiwi wines for the greater good
BI Daily 20 January 2021
• Champagne shipments expected to drop 18% for 2020 • WOSA/SAWIS 2020 EXPORT REPORT • The future of wine: Israel’s desert vineyards show us how to cope with a changing climate
BI Daily 19 January 2021
• Euromonitor - Top 10 global consumer trends for 2021 • US: Wine trends 2021 • Wineries out of business, jobs lost – the reality of the booze ban • French wineries to get aid as new US tariffs bite • S.Africa´s glass packagers face $100 million hit from alcohol ban
BI Daily 14 January 2021
• US beverage alcohol: 5 trends to watch in 2021 • Prediction: Eight ways wine will change in 2021 • US: Wineries struggle during closures of tasting rooms • Wine Intelligence: Wine packaging and the rise of e-commerce
BI Daily 8 January 2021
• BWS supermarket sales surge 25% • US Hits France with More Wine Tariffs • BizTrends 2021 • UK welcomed as full member of OIV following Brexit
BI Daily 5 January 2021
• Pick n Pay to support local wine industry in 2021 • China-Australia trade war • World first 'wine bank' built on blockchain
BI Daily 24 December 2020
• UK´s bulk wine imports outstrip those of bottled for first time ever • The 6 big consumer trends to target in 2021 • Wine and 2021 — Predictions • Sustainability in packaging: Inside the minds of global consumers • New ‘fingerprint’ method may help detect wine fraud, says study
BI Daily 17 December 2020
• Wine in the U.S. in 2020 — The Top Takeaways • Wine Intelligence’s industry predictions for 2021 • Covid-19 and the Next Normal? A New Age for Wine • Blockchain-powered Bordeaux? IBM announces wine supply chain tracing system • The French wine industry considers ‘deferred vineyard restructuring’, aka temporary vine pulls
BI Daily 10 December 2020
• Wine Intelligence: Brazil’s wine drinking population expands • How the internet is changing the way we buy wine • Global Report of Covid-19 Impact on Wine Tourism
BI Daily 8 December 2020
• Global Economics Intelligence executive summary, November 2020 • Wine´s Struggle between Price and Reputation • South Africa wine industry to increase market share in China
BI Daily 3 December 2020
• Wine Intelligence: Swedish wine drinkers may prefer to buy wine in PET than bag-in-box • Report: California tourism economy cut in half in 2020 because of coronavirus pandemic • OIV Webinar - Natural wines: beyond the philosophy • IWSR predicts 42% global rise in ecommerce in 2020
BI Daily 2 December 2020
• South African wine could be a winner as China slaps Australia with massive import duties • Why the non-alcoholic beverage trend is more important than ever during the pandemic • Low & no alcohol beer categories show resilience against COVID-19 alcohol declines • E-commerce: How consumer brands can get it right • US forecast to become biggest online alcohol market
BI Daily 26 November 2020
• Think fast: How to accelerate e-commerce growth • Bordeaux´s New Grape Varieties Take Root • Trade reacts to England’s new post-lockdown restrictions • When consumers trust AI recommendations—or resist them
BI Daily 20 November 2020
• Chile will emerge the winner from Australia/China trade dispute • Global Wine Trade: 2019 Still and Bulk Wine • IWSR: How is canned wine innovation evolving?
BI Daily 16 November 2020
• Poland´s rise to the top 5 wine markets • U.S. Wine Imports Hit by Tariffs, Pandemic, But Retail Growth Stays Strong • WCDA: R12 Million Support Fund For Wine Tourism Employees • Wine Australia: La Niña doesn't guarantee a wet summer