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BI Daily 22 August 2019
• Australia pays the price • Wine’s biggest problem? Consumers don’t care about wine… • Hungary to Produce 3m Hectolitres of Wine in 2019
BI Daily 20 August 2019
• Direct to Customer Benchmarking • How Portugal Became the Epicenter of Sustainability for the Wine Industry • Joint industry response to Oxfam Germany article regarding the use of pesticides
BI Daily 19 August 2019
• German producers hopeful of a good quality vintage • The end of Cabernet in Napa Valley?
BI Daily 16 August 2019
• Wine Intelligence downgrades China’s attractiveness as a wine market • Insight: How wine world has changed since poor 2017 global harvest
BI Daily 15 August 2019
• Ciatti Brexit Update • Ciatti Global market Update • Wine revealed as Britain’s favourite alcoholic drink • A Comparison Of Same Wines In Bottles And Cans Ended In Near Draw
BI Daily 14 August 2019
• The Chinese luxury consumer • The Chinese wine market’s ‘temporary slowdown’ won’t last for long • Exploring wine’s premiumisation trend • Why Consumers Purchase Wine in Cans • Global bulk wine markets remain firm despite dry and hot conditions in South Africa and Europe…so far
BI Daily 13 August 2019
• Wine and the Myth of Natural • Argentine vintners worrying about recession and trade deal • How digital is powering the next wave of growth in key-account management
BI Daily 12 August 2019
• Wine is the "liquid gold of asset management" • Growing threat of trade disruption in wine markets
BI Daily 7 August 2019
• Tasmanian wine industry on the way to achieve 1.5 million cases by 2020 • US remains ‘most attractive’ wine market • Chile vintage 2019: Promising vintage but yield drops across Chile • Agricultural sector creates jobs despite unemployment rate rising
BI Daily 6 August 2019
• Trump says he´ll put 10% tariffs on remaining China imports • FT suvery: over 60% Chinese customers willing to boycott American products • Syrah drinkers most social media-friendly, survey finds
BI Daily 5 August 2019
• Californian brand launches blockchain wine bottles in US • Rosé wine sales rocket • Tier 1 trends in China • Italy´s main Pinot Grigio region stops new plantings • This Voracious, Unstoppable Bug Is Killing Off Vineyards • Why a Grape Turns Into a Fireball in a Microwave
BI Daily 31 July 2019
• Bulk Wine Continues to Increase Globally as Wine-producing Regions Face Risks and Opportunities • IWSR: Consumer Lifestyle Choices Continue to Drive Innovation in Global Beverage Alcohol • Argentina 2019 harvest: Excellent vintage across the board
BI Daily 29 July 2019
• Nanotechnology ‘key to removing wine faults’, researchers find • New initiative to boost South African wine tourism • Artificial intelligence is transforming the way we farm
BI Daily 25 July 2019
• How good is canned wine? • Disloyalty is the new black • Heading to Mars? You Might Want to Pack Some Wine
BI Daily 23 July 2019
• What matters in customer-experience transformations • Which country drinks the most wine? • Australian wine boom in China could just be the beginning