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BI Daily 26 October 2021
• New Zealand Winegrowers welcomes UK free trade announcement • Global Supply Chain Issues Plague the Wine Industry • ´Millions of Cases´ of Truly Hard Seltzer Will Be Destroyed as Hard Seltzer Boom Fades • ‘Disneyland of fakes’ at China Food & Drinks Fair in Tianjin
BI Daily 21 October 2021
• California: Glass bottle shortage means wine is sitting in barrels for longer, leading it to taste ´like a sawmill´ • Wine Intelligence: New behaviours driving wine market opportunities in the UK • Western Cape plans to introduce new alcohol laws in two phases • UK: Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc shortage ‘not going away any time soon’
BI Daily 20 October 2021
• IWSR: RTD alcohol volume share set to double over next five years • Australian wine exports decrease, reflecting challenging year • The exploding costs of wine production • Washington wineries considering dramatic changes for climate change • How Healthy Is a Farm´s Soil?
BI Daily 15 October 2021
• S.Korean wine imports almost double in 2021 amid pandemic • IWSR: How has Covid-19 altered consumer attitudes in the US? • Wine Intelligence: Market and Consumer Research • Increased commodity costs to push up price of popular Italian wines
BI Daily 14 October 2021
• Reusable Packaging Is the Latest Eco-Friendly Trend • Wine in cans: technical issues • Cheers! Wine's red grape pulp offers nutritional bounty • SA Wine Industry Discussion
BI Daily 12 October 2021
• French wine harvest slightly better than previously expected • Chile: Wine exports drop 18% in August 2021 due to global logistics • Australia: GM crops yet to impact wine industry
BI Daily 7 October 2021
• Why is the South Korean wine market becoming more attractive to wine businesses? • Consumers demand more choice and innovation in low and no alcohol drinks • DtC success for SA Producers • Getting Personal: How Brands are Leveraging Social Influencers • Wine2Wine Business Forum 2021
BI Daily 5 October 2021
• Did Wine Consumption Change During the COVID-19 Lockdown in France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal? • E-message on a bottle – EU wine and spirits sectors join forces to bring digital labelling to consumers • Italian Wineries Turn To Robots Amid Worker Shortage • What’s the future of the office?
BI Daily 30 September 2021
• Wine Intelligence: Market and Consumer Research • Millennials drive the sparkling wine category • OIV: The World Organic Vineyard
BI Daily 27 September 2021
• The Wine Gourd: Per capita US wine consumption, by state • Canned wine hits new heights • The Human Factor and IPW certification • BER Press Release: The COVID-19 pandemic and South Africa’s tourism sector • Oxfam study on unfair working conditions in Italy´s wine industry • South African wine industry eyes more exports to China • Rabobank: Global supply disruption to see Aussie growers lock in ag inputs early for season ahead • Cape Wine to return in October 2022
BI Daily 21 September 2021
• Agbiz SA Agricultural Market Viewpoint • An Insider Shares His Wine and Spirits Ecommerce Strategy Playbook • DTC Alcohol Marketplaces Are Helping Small Merchants Uncork Digital Sales • Wine grape producers adapt for sustainability
BI Daily 17 September 2021
• Wine Intelligence: Market and Consumer Research • Tanzania ratifies Africa free trade area treaty • IWSR: Hard Seltzers Are Evolving, Not Dying • California Finally Gets a "Normal" Vintage • The World´s Best Vineyards Global Announcement
BI Daily 16 September 2021
• Ciatti Global Market Report (Sept 2021) • Wine Intelligence: Which key macro trends are driving the global wine industry in 2021?
BI Daily 15 September 2021
• USA: How the pandemic changed wine consumption • Finding Growth in a Stagnant Market: What Can Wine Learn from Beer? • Bordeaux 2021 weather report
BI Daily 14 September 2021
• China’s top 10 wine exporters in H1 2021 • When less is more • South African Plastics Pact News • Chile Gets "Mega" Wine Cooperative