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News Archive : Health Issues

Chemists discover 23 new molecules in red wine
UBC chemists have discovered 23 new molecules that could mean there are even more vino virtues.
Children not harmed by light drinking during pregnancy, two studies find (UK)
Children born to women who drink moderately during pregnancy are no more likely to have cognitive or behavioural problems than those of abstainers, a new study has found. This study, reported in BJOG, An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, put together data from the Millennium Cohort Study, a national study of 10,000 infants born in the UK between 2000-2002, reports Decanter.
New 'alcohol busting' drug that sobers you up in seconds being developed by MIT scientists
Researchers have developed a cocktail of alcohol metabolizing enzymes that speedily reduces blood alcohol levels in drunk mice.
French study finds pesticide residues in 90% of wines (France)
Pesticide residues were found in the vast majority of 300 French wines tested, say researchers. Wines were tested for 50 different molecules found in a range of vine treatments, such as pesticides and fungicides, reports Decanter.
Health experts call for minimum pricing
A group of leading doctors and academics has claimed that a minimum price for alcohol in the UK would prevent thousands of drink-related deaths and diseases.

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