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News Archive : Future Trends

Alternative wine varieties the best option for a drying country
Three-quarters of Australian wine is produced using just six types of grapes, like shiraz or chardonnay.
Tech Talk: Trends for vineyards and wineries
At Intervitis Interfructa 2010 in Stuttgart this March where the latest innovations in technology will be on exhibition, expect climate change to set the scene.
BRIC and South Africa: Can it become BRICS?
To prove that it deserves to be among the BRIC incumbents, SA will firstly need to upgrade and expand the country’s infrastructure. Secondly, there will need to be a better education and skills development programmes to provide the skills and expertise needed to drive growth. Lastly, the SA government will have to develop a clear idea of the business sectors that the country can be internationally competitive in and then devote resources to maintain and heighten that competitiveness.

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