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News Archive : Environment

El Nino Is Back: What You Need to Know About the 2014 Version
The typical patterns of vegetation condition are severe drought-related vegetation stress in El Nino and favorable conditions in La Nina years.
Earthquake in Chile spares wine regions
The 8.2 magnitude earthquake that struck 95 miles offshore from the northern city of Iquique on Tuesday spared winemaking regions of Chile. Wines of Chile USA executive director Marybeth Bentwood said “we have spoken to the wineries in Chile and have been reassured that there was very little impact on the vineyards, wineries and related industries".
End of year sees 43 Chilean vineyards with Sustainability seal
The National Sustainability Code is a program spearheaded by Wines of Chile that recognizes companies meeting different environmental and social sustainability requirements throughout wine and grape production processes.
Wine industry already changed by climate
News alert: There are already significant changes in the wine industry and climate change is the least of the French wine industry’s worries.
Looming Threat of Water Scarcity
Globally 1.2 billion people —almost a fifth of the world — live in areas of physical water scarcity, while another 1.6 billion face what can be called economic water shortage.

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