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News Archive : Economic Issues

Nigeria vs South Africa: size matters, but so does development
What matters more: the size of the pie or how many mouths it has to feed? It depends whether you're eating pies, or selling them. Most of Nigeria's 170-million people live below the poverty line, so many complained they didn't feel any richer when the oil producing nation's statistics bureau announced on Sunday the economy had replaced South Africa as the continent's biggest.
MINT: the new star markets for wine?
After the BRICs, new markets are identified for their investment and business potential. And the wine world is not indifferent to them - Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Turkey.
Wine-grape crop forecast to fall from record
South Africa’s harvest of grapes for wine production may fall 4.7 percent this year from a record harvest on 2013, a US government report showed.
Wine industry reacts to budget impact
The South African wine industry welcomed a concession from Government on the latest excise duty increases
Industry leaders confident about global economy says Wine Vision study
Up to 75% of the wine industry executives set to attend next month’s inaugural Wine Vision conference said they were “confident” or “very confident” about the global economy and its impact on the sector.

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