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News Archive : Consumption

Wine steals market share in Canada
Wine is gaining ground as the drink of choice among Canadians, enjoying a 4.9% sales increase last year as the country’s beer sales continued their long-term decline. Compared to beer’s 50% value market share in 2003, when wine held just 24% of the market, in 2013 beer accounted for 43% of alcoholic beverage value sales, while wine had increased its share to 32%.
Impact Databank Exclusive: U.S. Wine Market Rises 1.5% In 2013
Overall growth slowed slightly to 1.5% in 2013, from 1.7% a year earlier, with volume hitting 328.7 million nine-litre cases, compared with 323.9 million cases in 2012.
Wine sales in Russia to grow to 2017
The wine market is forecast to improve at a value compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.8 per cent during 2012–2017 with volume growth being slightly lower, recording a 1.8 per cent CAGR.
Per capita Canadian wine consumption now 15 litres a year
Wine producers will be proposing a toast to Canadian consumers: a new study shows wine consumption in this country is growing three times faster than globally and Canada is projected to be the fifth fastest-growing wine market in the next five years.
French wine consumption at 30-year low
In 2010, the average amount of wine consumed per person in France came to 46.6 litres per year, down from 104 litres in 1975.

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