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BI Daily 19 November 2019
• Asian Millennials Are The Dream Market The Wine Industry Has Been Waiting For • The science behind what we drink — and the effects that water, milk, caffeine and alcohol have on our body • Is wine premiumisation a doom loop?
BI Daily 15 November 2019
• UK supermarkets see slowing growth in past quarter, with hopes pinned on Christmas sales • Five ways that ESG creates value
BI Daily 14 November 2019
• Selling alcohol in India: the state of play • Why wine retailers need to digitise to survive and prosper • Organic wines popular with the French
BI Daily 12 November 2019
• Ethiopia: Africa´s new manufacturing centre? • What’s Really in your Glass? Transparency, Accountability & Wine • Why is Australian wine so successful in China?
BI Daily 5 November 2019
• Rabobank Wine Quarterly Q4 2019 • Social media conversations on low and no alcohol drinking grow 80%

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