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News Archive : Wine Industries

Australian wine industry unveils blueprint to lift profitability
The Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA) has launched its “Actions for Industry Profitability 2014–2016” to position the country’s wine sector for growth in both domestic and export markets.
Australian Wine and Grape Industry, 2012-13
There were 1.75 million tonnes of grapes crushed in 2012–13. 850.9 thousand tonnes of white grapes and 897.5 thousand tonnes of red grapes were crushed.
Rise of Slovenian and Croatian wine
A lot of new, privately-owned wine cellars have arisen, and they revived generational traditions of their ancestors.
Update on WIETA
Systembolaget | WIETA Progress | Recognition of other audits | International Recognition of the WIETA code of conduct | Cost of Audit | General Meeting.
WineAmerica Expands its National Network
WineAmerica, Inc., the National Association of American Wineries, is expanding its State Associations Council (SAC) to allow both state and regional wine groups better access to policy information, and enhanced networking opportunities nationwide.

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