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News Archive : Wine Industries

South Africa reviews ‘stressful’ 2014 vintage
South Africa’s 2014 wines are “really going to sort the sheep from the goats”, according to producers who acknowledged one of the most difficult growing seasons in their careers.
Australian wine price may be pushed down by surplus
Retailers and suppliers have expressed concerns that the country could struggle to maintain higher price points due to harvest conditions in many regions.
2014 Southern Hemisphere Harvest Report: Argentina and Chile
Vintners in South America's leading wine nations—Chile and Argentina—did not face an easy growing season.
South Africa: Wine treated as a commodity
Wine is largely treated as a commodity to be quaffed for pleasure or status, according to an international wine expert.
BORDEAUX: An Iconic Region Battles to Sustain Market Share - Part 1
Bordeaux is being buffeted by serious challenges.

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