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News Archive : Wine Industries

NZ wine industry launches WiSE
The New Zealand wine industry has launched a sustainability scorecard and “reporting tool” to allow producers to measure their level of sustainability.
New Zealand's 2014 wine vintage to support export growth
The 2014 New Zealand grape harvest has been completed with high quality grapes picked across the country. According to the 2014 Vintage Survey 445,000 tonnes of grapes were harvested.
Entry level Spanish producers ‘sweating bullets’ as prices fall
Spanish producers at the bottom end of the market are “sweating bullets” as they still have wine in their cellars and the next harvest is looming, according to one prominent Master of Wine.
Russia to almost double vineyards by 2020
The Government plan to increase the total size of Russia’s vineyards from 90,000 hectares to 140,000 in the next five years, potentially returning it to the winemaking days enjoyed by the former Soviet Union.

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