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News Archive : Technology

The Future of Winemaking Is in High-Tech Robotics (Video)
Utilizing optic technology to replace hand sorting grapes.
Austrian firm MarkThomas has launched a wine glass featuring what it claims is a unique double bend design that offers “a true and perfect all-rounder.”
Goodbye Hangover – the rise of synthetic alcohol
The late nights, the laughter, the drinking games, and then the awful hangover the morning after. However a solution is near: synthetic alcohol seems to become more and more feasible.
Genetically modified wine yeast takes the headache out of red wine and Chardonnay
A new strain of wine yeast developed at the University of B.C. helps reduce amines, chemicals in red wine and Chardonnay that produce off-flavours and trigger headaches, hypertension and migraines in many people.
Wineries increase use of smartphone, social media technology
Many wineries increase their use of the latest technology to reach consumers and maintain control of branding.

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