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News Archive : Packaging

Packaging innovation centred on convenience, analysts
According to a canadean industry analyst, beverage packaging design will revert away from a recent shift towards cost effectiveness, and back to longer-term trends such as added value and convenience, as countries begin to emerge from the recession.
Sales comparison of wine brands by closure type
The Cork Quality Council has conducted several surveys of wine sales by closure type. A study of Top 100 Brands shows that 73 were cork finished brands.
Screw-cap gets Thumbs Up 10 years on
A recent survey has revealed that consumers are now widely accepting of screw-cap wine enclosures, with twice as many people believing that screw-caps preserve wine better than cork when compared to findings from a similar survey taken in 2004.
Wine drinkers prefer PET to Bag-in-Box and Tetrapak
The PET bottle has edged in front of the Bag-in-Box and Tetrapak in popularity according to Wine Intelligence research.
Five years of screwcaps prove their value
Extensive tests and usage has proven that screwcaps are actually a better closure than natural bark corks for most wines.

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