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News Archive : Packaging

Bottle maker warns of shrinking market
THE world's leading glass packaging supplier, Owens Illinois, could again be forced to shrink its Australian operations, leading to potential job losses, as it cites a sluggish local beer and wine market and protracted negotiations over contracts with customers and unions.
Closures that improve the wine
The growth in alternative closures has led to a new understanding of the way wine evolves and the particular role that oxygen plays. But the findings have added a new layer of complexity to wine making. It's taken time, money and international expertise to unravel the mysteries and simplifying the answers.
Nampak launches R14 million wine closure production line in Cape Town
The R14 million wine closure production line is currently being used to produce 30mm x 60mm screw caps for the wine industry and is capable of at least doubling the company's capacity.
Debate over warning labels on alcohol heats up
HEALTH warnings linking alcohol with dire outcomes such as brain damage and cancer have been backed by health groups but described as potentially ''alarming'' by an industry-backed group.
Australian drinks to carry health warnings
61% of consumers surveyed said they would support the idea of information messages on alcohol labels and 32% said they would be likely to seek more information about responsible drinking as a result of seeing a label.

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