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Grape rotting fruit fly raises alarm in German vineyards
German winemakers have become the latest in Europe to raise concerns over an Asian fruit fly that causes grapes to rot in the vineyards.
5 ways millennials are changing the wine world
• Millennials, whose budgets are more limited than boomers’, don’t show off by bringing the most expensive bottle of wine to a party. • Millennials prefer wines with less tannin and more sugar and are developing a taste for sparkling sweet wines. • Thanks to the Internet, wine lovers no longer have to take a costly trip to California or France to learn how wine is made. They can simply watch a YouTube video or connect with a winemaker on Twitter. • Millennials also love to share information, which makes them an even more appealing demographic. • Millennials are adventurous. They’re more likely to rely on the opinion of a friend or peer rather than a critic they’ve never met.
Wine-shipping mess still around
Inside the industry, the interstate shipping issue that was hard to discuss a decade ago is now even more of a mess than it was, leading some insiders to pray for another court case that resolves the remaining knotty issues.
Aussie wine value rises as volume drops
The average value of Australian wine exports has increased, despite volume decreasing by 6% over the past 12 months.
The Turkish wine sector is suffering from marketing restrictions
The Turkish wine sector is suffering from marketing restrictions brought about by new alcohol regulations, as the country’s wine makers continue to lose ground against newcomers in the market.

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