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News Archive : Marketing

What drives wine drinkers? Price, of course
But we have better evidence than ever that wine drinkers buy wine based on price.
USA: A wine forecast the industry can toast—for now
Fine wine sales are expected to rise 6 to 10 percent. Luxury wines and those wines priced between $10 and $18 are expected to see the biggest growth in sales.
Chinese drink wine for health benefits, not flavour
Chinese consumers drink wine primarily for its health benefits, not for its taste or luxury status.
Australian wine exports grow at higher price points
China and Hong Kong led the growth in Australian bottled wine exports above A$10 per litre and now account for 42 per cent of these high value exports.
US wine sales: “Nowhere to go but up”
Improving wine quality, celebrity endorsement, restaurants and demographics are driving a US wine boom, according to Stephanie Gallo.

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