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News Archive : Marketing

Growth in bulk wine shipping to slow, says JF Hillebrand boss
The momentum in shipping wine in bulk is slowing down. It will not be a surprise if 2014 is a water shed for New World countries.
US: On-Premise Update: Restaurant Sales On Pace For Growth, But Spirits, Wine Still Struggling
Continued economic improvement and a high level of pent-up consumer demand are poised to kick-start a resurgence in dining out and boost the on-premise industry’s sales.
UK bulk wine bottling set to increase
Four out of 10 bottles of wine in the UK are shipped in bulk and packaged here – but industry insiders say that figure is rising.
Australian wine markets set to grow
Opportunities to grow existing markets and find new ones, helped by a lower Australian dollar, are bright spots for the Australian industry.
Talking points memo: wine in China
Wine Intelligence’s China team latest version of talking points memo on the Chinese wine market. Clearly there are some questions about the prospects for wine in China to which there is no definitive answer.

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