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News Archive : Liquor Legislation

Russia in bid to ban online alcohol sales
The Russian government has proposed a bill to ban sales of alcohol online in a bid to further tackle the prevalence of the black market.
UK ‘on track’ to cut 1 billion units by 2015
A Government pledge to remove one billion units of alcohol from the UK market by 2015 as part of its “responsibility deal” is on course, according to the project’s first interim report.
Changes Afoot for Chinese Trademark Law
Major revisions to Chinese trademark law are set to take effect in May of 2014. These changes could make it much easier for American wineries to register and protect trademarks in the Chinese marketplace.
UK chancellor freezes alcohol duty accelerator
The Chancellor of the Exchequer, the UK’s chief finance minister, has frozen the controversial so-called alcohol duty accelerator on spirits and standard cider. He has also by frozen the excise duty on whisky. However, the 2014 Budget was bittersweet for wine drinkers. Wine duty will still rise in-line with inflation, which was running at around 2% at the latest count, while there will be a one pence per pint duty cut for beer and a total freeze on spirits duty.
South Africa: Wine makers urged to guard their brands
LEGAL experts say wine makers, especially small up-and-coming producers, should register trademarks over their wine grapes as well as their wines, following a Supreme Court of Appeal judgment this week.

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