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Subject: Viticulture
Afrikaans: blaarval
Xhosa: ukuwa kwamagqabi
Subject: Waste and waste management, Biotechnology
Subject: Viticulture
Subject: Winemaking, Viticulture
Afrikaans: stikstof
Xhosa: initrojeni
Subject: Biotechnology
Afrikaans: geenskyfie
Xhosa: ichip yeDNA
English - glucose oxidase noun
Subject: Winemaking
an enzyme used in wine making to lower the alcohol content of wine by the removal of glucose.
Afrikaans: glukose-oksidase
selfstandige naamwoord
Onderwerp: Wynbereiding
'n ensiem wat in wynbereiding gebruik word om die alkoholinhoud van wyn te verlaag, deur die verwydering van glukose.
Xhosa: ucimo-glukhowuzi