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Subject: Winemaking
Subject: Wine fault
Afrikaans: kurkstof
Xhosa: imvuthuluka yeziciko
Subject: Machinery
Afrikaans: sleepwa
Xhosa: inqwelo erhuqwayo, isikhoji
Subject: Trellising
English - gedroogde druiwe selfstandige naamwoord
Onderwerp: Wingerdboukunde
druiwe wat gedroog is, òf op die stok òf nadat dit gepluk is, om droë vrugte of droogdruiwewyn te produseer.
Sinonieme: droogdruiwe, rosyne

English: dried grapes
Subject: Viticulture
grapes which have dried either on the vine or have been dried after picking, to produce either dried fruit or dried grape wine.
Synonyms: raisins
Xhosa: iidiliya ezomileyo