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Subject: Yeast
Afrikaans: gisselwande
Xhosa: amaqweqwe egwele
Subject: Viticulture, Grapevine development
Subject: Viticulture, Implement
Afrikaans: kapploeg
Xhosa: ukukofola
Subject: Biotechnology
Afrikaans: intron
Xhosa: i- intron
English - bubbler noun
Subject: Equipment, Winemaking
device designed to protect the fermentation media from contamination and exposure to air, while at the same time allowing carbon dioxide produced by yeast to escape from the fermentation vessels.
Synonyms: airlock, breather, fermentation cap

Afrikaans: giskappie
selfstandige naamwoord
Onderwerp: Toerusting, Wynbereiding
'n toestel wat ontwerp is om fermentasiemedia teen kontaminasie en blootstelling aan lug te beskerm, terwyl dit terselfdertyd toelaat dat koolstofdioksied wat deur gis geproduseer word, vanaf die fermentasiehouer ontsnap.
Sinonieme: fermentasieklep
Xhosa: isixhobo sokuvubela esikhusela uvundiso