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Subject: Viticulture
Afrikaans: langdraer
Xhosa: bambelela, idiliya ende
Subject: Waste and waste management
Subject: Botany
Afrikaans: kurkstippel, lentisel
Xhosa: ilentiseli
English - ukucoca-ulwelo kwiqela
English: batch distillation
Subject: Distillation
a process in which the liquid feed is placed in a single container and the entire volume is continuously heated, in contrast to continuous distillation in which the liquid is fed continuously through the still.
Afrikaans: lotdistillasie
selfstandige naamwoord
Onderwerp: Distillasie
'n proses waar die vloeistof in 'n enkele houer geplaas word en die totale volume deurlopend verhit word, in teenstelling met deurlopende distillasie waar die vloeistof deurlopend in die stookketel gevoer word.