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Subject: Marketing
Subject: Grapevine physiology
Afrikaans: rouband
Xhosa: isigulo sesiqu sequnube
Subject: Cooperage
Subject: Winemaking
English - uhlobo oluthile lwabathengi
Isifinyezo segama: i-B.O.B
English: buyers' own brand
Subject: Marketing
wine or spirit marketed by a firm under the label of the purchaser, instead of bearing that of the establishment supplying it in the country of production.

Abbreviation: B.O.B.
Afrikaans: koper se eie handelsmerk
selfstandige naamwoord
Onderwerp: Bemarking
wyn en spiritus wat deur 'n firma bemark word onder die etiket van die koper, in plaas van dié van die instelling wat dit in die land van oorsprong voorsien het.