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Subject: Grapevine physiology
Afrikaans: rouband
Xhosa: isigulo sesiqu sequnube
Subject: Grapevine morphology
Afrikaans: oblaatkorrel
Xhosa: iqunube elikhulu
Subject: Chemistry
Afrikaans: anisool
Xhosa: i-anisoli
Subject: Viticulture
English - iwayini engenaswekile
English: dry wine
Subject: Wine type
a natural wine which tastes dry to the palate and has a sugar content of less than 5.0g per litre.
Afrikaans: droëwyn
selfstandige naamwoord
Onderwerp: Wyntipe
'n natuurlike wyn wat droog proe op die palet en met 'n suikerinhoud van minder as 5.0g per liter.
Wisselvorm: droë wyn