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Subject: Biology
Afrikaans: sel
Xhosa: iseli
Subject: Viticulture
Subject: Wine type
Subject: Viticulture
Subject: Wine tasting
Afrikaans: stroperig
Xhosa: bunyhobhanyhobha
English - ithupha elizivelelayo
English: adventitious bud
Subject: Grapevine morphology
a bud that develops in places in other than the shoot apical meristem or in the leave axils. Shoots arising from such buds are called adventitious shoots.
Afrikaans: adventiewe oog
selfstandige naamwoord
Onderwerp: Wingerdstok-morfologie
'n oog wat in ander plekke as in die loot se apikale merisisteem of blaar-oksels ontwikkel. Lote wat van sulke oë ontwikkel, word adventiewe lote genoem.