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Subject: Winemaking
Afrikaans: criadera
Xhosa: ikhriyadera
Subject: Cooperage
Afrikaans: duig uithol
Xhosa: ukugqobhoza iplanga
Subject: Wine tasting
Afrikaans: botterig
Xhosa: bubhotolo
Subject: Distillation, Machinery
English - titreerbare suur selfstandige naamwoord
Onderwerp: Chemie, Wynbereiding
die suurkonsentrasie wat deur titrasie bepaal word en in wyn as gram per liter wynsteensuur, uitgedruk word.
English: titrable acid
Subject: Chemistry, Winemaking
the acid concentration determined by titration and expressed as grams per litre of tartaric acid found in wine.

Abbreviation: TA
Xhosa: i-asidi ethayithreythiwayo