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Subject: Biology
Afrikaans: sitologie
Xhosa: isayitholoyi
Subject: Wine tasting
Afrikaans: proe
Xhosa: ungcamlo
Subject: Viticulture
Afrikaans: lower, loof
Xhosa: amahlahla, isihlala somthi
Xhosa: i-NFI
Subject: Winemaking
English - proestel selfstandige naamwoord
Onderwerp: Wynproe
verwys na 'n seleksie van wyne, gewoonlik tussen drie en agt glase, maar somtyds soveel as vyftig, wat vir taksering en vergelyking voorgelê is.
English: tasting flight
Subject: Wine tasting
refers to a selection of wine, usually between three and eight glasses, but sometimes as many as fifty, presented for the purpose of assessing and comparison.
Xhosa: iqela lokungcanyulwa