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Subject: Waste and waste management
Subject: Grapevine pest
Afrikaans: boorkewer
Xhosa: isinqolamthi
Subject: Winemaking
Subject: Wine tasting
Afrikaans: glashelder
Xhosa: qaqambile
Subject: Wine style
English - value chain noun
Subject: Commerce
describes a chain of activities where products pass through all activities of the chain and at each activity the product gains some value.
Afrikaans: waardeketting
selfstandige naamwoord
Onderwerp: Handel
beskryf 'n ketting van aktiwiteite. Produkte moet alle aktiwiteite in die ketting ondergaan. Na elke aktiwiteit verhoog die waarde van die produk effens.
Xhosa: amaxabiso ngamaxabiso