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Subject: Grapevine morphology
Afrikaans: wingerdloot, loot
Xhosa: umdiliya, ihluma
Subject: Grapevine morphology
Afrikaans: kordon-arm
Xhosa: ingalo yesiqu somthi
Subject: Waste and waste management
Afrikaans: afloop (4)
Xhosa: impuphuma zamanzi
Subject: Winemaking
Afrikaans: afloop (2), effluent
Xhosa: ukungcola, ubumdaka
English - unwooded adjective
Subject: Winemaking
refers to wines that have been matured without contact with oak wood.
Afrikaans: ongehout
byvoeglike naamwoord
Onderwerp: Wynbereiding
verwys na wyne wat sonder kontak met eikehout verouder is.
Xhosa: engavundiswanga kukhuni lom-okhi