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Subject: Chemistry, Winemaking, Viticulture
Subject: Viticulture, Wine fault
Afrikaans: gebrek, tekort
Xhosa: intswelo
Subject: Biotechnology
Subject: Botany
Afrikaans: groei
Xhosa: ukukhula
English - beak iron noun
Subject: Cooperage, Implement
a type of anvil, used by coopers, upon which the hoops are riveted and splayed.
Synonyms: bick iron

Afrikaans: aambeeldhoring
selfstandige naamwoord
Onderwerp: Kuipery, Implement
'n tipe aambeeld, gebruik deur kuipers, waarop die hoepels geklink en gesny word.
Xhosa: intsimbi yokulungisa ibhanti