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Subject: Pruning
Afrikaans: snoeimes
Xhosa: imela yokuthena
Subject: Barrel type
Subject: Grapevine anatomy
Afrikaans: xileem
Xhosa: izayilem
Subject: Oenology, Viticulture
Afrikaans: monster
Xhosa: isixa, isampulu
Subject: Winemaking
English - hydraulic basket press noun
Subject: Winemaking
a hydraulic basket press consists of a large basket that is filled with the crushed grapes and pressure is applied through a hydraulic plate that is forced down onto the grapes.
Afrikaans: hidrouliese mandjiepers
selfstandige naamwoord
Onderwerp: Wynbereiding
'n hidrouliese mandjiepers, bestaande uit 'n groot mandjie wat met die gemaalde druiwe gevul word. Druk word met 'n hidrouliese plaat wat afwaarts op die druiwe forseer word, toegedien.
Xhosa: uxovulo lwebhasikithi enehayidrolikhi